Customs clearance has always been a complex ingredient of international shipping. Tariffs, codes, licenses, valuation, etc., make navigating the process an intricate experience.

We understand that customs procedures are the most important thing in the process of exporting and importing goods, if they cannot be completed on time, it will affect the delivery of goods to customers as well as the delay of shipment. This will greatly affect the reputation as well as generate costs for importers and exporters. So finding a reputable customs declaration service company is not easy.

Currently with thousands of new documents, regulations, procedures applied to each different product applied to import and export goods,  it will cause a lot of difficulties in the import and export of goods

Such as foodstuffs, medical equipment, pharmaceuticals, and old machinery are complicated goods and require a professional and hard-working forwarding team, experience to make shipment quickly.

Services Include:

  • Management of imports and exports via land, sea and air
  • Full Compliance Management to Reduce Cargo Delay
  • Experience With Complex Shipments
  • Proven Record of Successful Dispute Resolutions
  • Duty & Tax Calculation
  • Complete Documentation Management
  • Import License Assistance
  • Duty Drawback & Tax Exemption Assistance
  • Commodity/Process Consultation


For all the business, the most important thing is to deliver products or parts to destination at an appropriate schedule and cost.In addition, we respond to various needs like equipment with technical transportation for complex logistics tasks related storage, customs clearance, distribution processing, inventory control and so on.

Reliable transportation procedure

You can choose a highly reliable transportation schedule from the route among major ports/airports to suit your needs.


We provide consistent transportation to match your supply chain to optimize the cost.


We propose customized international transportation considering your cost and lead time. We can also handle small package, heavy cargo and Dangerous Goods as well as general cargoes.


Ocean freight is an integral part of global trade. Our comprehensive ocean freight solutions are backed by the experience of local teams of ocean freight specialists staffed throughout our network of offices near major seaports throughout Vietnam.

As an added benefit for Quand Duong Logistics customers, our trusted port-to-door and door-to-port container transportation service ensures the transportation of your goods is a priority and remains under our quality control.

Services Include

  • LCL and FCL
  • Breakbulk
  • Project Cargo
  • Door-to-port, Port-to-door Transportation
  • Customs Clearance
  • Warehousing and Distribution
  • Document Management and Cargo Insurance


When time is crucial for your cargo, our air freight services are your best option as we offer daily worldwide departures. So regardless if you are shipping perishables, hazardous cargo or any commodity that needs to be delivered fast and on time, we have a solution for you.

Our network stretches around the world, which makes us the best choice for your cargo needs. If you want door-to-airport or airport-to-door transportation, we will make the arrangements.

Services Include

  • Door-to-airport and Airport-to-door Transportation
  • Customs Clearance
  • Document Management and Cargo Insurance
  • Warehousing and Distribution


Operated as a stand-alone service and integrated in conjunction with our supply chain solutions and air or ocean transport, Quang Duong Logistics provides nationwide door-to-door, port-to-door and door-to-port inland transportation. Whether shipping inland via road, rail or river, we deliver solutions that enhance and simplify your landside needs.

Services Include

  • Door-to-door, Door-to-port and Port-to-Door
  • Road, Rail and River Transportation Solutions
  • Nationwide Inland Distribution
  • Customs Clearance
  • Document Management and Cargo Insurance


Our facilities, risk management and administration services are recognised and accepted by major financial institutions and insurance companies. We do this either at our own facilities or at client facilities on behalf of clients and financiers. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any wahousing enquiries, you will never be disappointed with our services and expertise.


With many years of experience in helping client to expand business to new regions , Quang Duong is a trusted partner for any entrusted import and export, especially for commodity goods. We provide door to door package with professional service without compromise cost saving approach to clients.

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